Contest: 1 000 EURO for the first falsification of a CPSKOC in Creation Pseudoscience (©MIR)

Mr. MIR says: Hereby I announce a prize of EUR 1 000 (one thousand Euros) for the successful publication(*) of a scientific article in a young-earth creations-pseudo-research pseudo-journal. My offer shall demonstrate that evolution is the best explanation of all available explanations for our world.

(*) Conditions of Participation:

This article must elaborate on one of the topics stated below, which still are used by people infected by the old-testament, enemies of science, to deny that science (especially evolution theory and cosmology) can explain the emergence of the universe and of biology. I call these topics resp. phantasies creations-pseudoscience knock-out criteria (CPSKOCs), because they shall be able to falsify some state-of-the-art science. Your article must prove that the chosen CPSKOC does not hold. All of the following instructions must be followed for a successful participation:

  1. By sciences I mean sciences based on evidence and falsifiability, not those based on scripture and believe.
  2. By creations-pseudosciences (CPSs) I mean approaches which are known as young-earth creationism. In many cases, they are based on a word-by-word faith in the Holy Bible or any other mythical scripture.
  3. CPSs sometimes divide evolution into micro- and macroevolution. For this contest, evolution means the (driven or) random mutation and subsequent selection or elimination. Evolution could lead to totally new species in a sequence of small steps. Mankind evolved from mammals, mammals came up after the dinosaurs. Biology evolved within a time span of three to four billion years.
  4. Your article (YA) needs to deliver a scientic proof on the level of current peer-review-standards of science that the CPSKOC of your choice does not falsify science, ie., you need to falsify the CPSKOC in your contribution! By disproving this CPSKOC, you have preached scientifically grounded truth to many humans, who did not know that this CPSKOC is an artifact. Those might be wrongly believing in the CPSCOK without your contribution.
  5. YA does not need to contain original research by your own, you could also bring in a well-written (from scratch, no copy & paste!) review-monograph excerpted from and properly referencing to an existing work of third parties. The goal is the publication itself! Thus, if you know the solution to a CPSKOC already, write it down in 2000 words and earn on a rate of 50 Cent per word!
  6. YA may include tables, figures etc. from third parties as hardcopies. But you have to care for all copyright issues!
  7. From your chosen references, you need to homogenize notation, style and nomenclature and to restate their formalism, in order to clearly present your point. Ten to fifty references are sufficient and tractable!
  8. If you need to perform your own statistical experiments, be sure to design them according to the current standards (doubly-blind, reproducible, etc.)!
  9. When using statistical methods, the error level (p-value, confidence level) must be stated.
  10. It shall look like a usual scientic research paper!
  11. This contest is open for any field within the natural sciences, as well as for the humanities and engineering. The aspect of multidisciplinarity shall be stressed explicitely!
  12. YA needs to be submitted by yourself to one of the following CPS journals:
    a) Journal of Creation
    b) Creation Magazine
    c) Creation Research Society Quarterly Journal
    d) Answers Research Journal
    If you are considering another CPS-journal, you need to ask MIR whether this journal will be accepted. An up-to-date list of accepted CPS journals is available at
  13. The page/word count of YW must conform to the CPSJOYC. You further need to follow all (style-related and other) publication guidelines and rules from the CPSJOYC!
  14. If you decide to re-submit an already existing work of yourself to the CPSJOYC (and to this contest), please do it at your own risk. You need to find out about the policy of self-plagiarism of the CPSJOYC.
  15. YA needs to undergo the necessary review process of the CPSJOYC. Rejected papers will not be awarded any money (however, I am willing to be notified about your unsuccessful attempts.)
  16. You are free to re-submit a rejected article to another CPS journal and take part in this contest.
  17. The Price of EUR 1 000 will be paid to the first author of the first work published in the CPSJOYC, which falsifies the according CPSKOC.
  18. Only the first of you, guys, will win the price. All others will win nothing! The date of acceptance together with the subsequent publication is the criterion.
  19. As soon as you have been notified about the acceptance of YA in the CPSJOYC, you need to notify me via email to As soon as the first notication of acceptance has reached me, a deadline of 365,25 days will be started in which others still can notify me about their acceptance. This is due to the need to find the earliest date of acceptance! If you are going to notify me after this deadline, you are out!
  20. My law might be changing: In case that more than one accepted/published papers are correctly submitted to this contest I guess I will split the prize.
  21. I do not have the right to change the work, not in title, abstract, nor in body. I will not become a co-author nor a reviewer.
  22. Additional further costs, such as review or submission costs, conference fees, travel costs, or publication costs of any kind, will not be payed by me!
  23. Here is a list of all for this contest allowed CPSKOCs. This list is edited only by me, but I would be thankful if you could help populating it:
    a) Methane not missing
    b) The young Sun was too cool
    c) Io is too hot
    If you are considering another CPSKOC, you need to ask me whether I am going to accept it. An up-to-date list of CPSKOCs is available:

Hail Eris & Ramen.

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(Priest, Manager of the Souls, Messiah, Prophet & Pirate)

And thus, if Creationism is to be taught as Science, then the Great and Holy Truth of the Creation of the Universe by His Holiness the Flying Spaghetti Monster must also be taught (Proclamations of the Councils of Olive Garden, The Loose Canon)