Can I reuse Homeopathic Bottles? sagt: Homeopathic medicines (which homeopaths call remedies) are prepared by specialist pharmacies using a careful process of dilution and succussion (a specific form of vigorous shaking). As yet, science has not been able to explain the mechanism of action of ultra high dilutions in the body, but laboratory experiments have demonstrated that homeopathically prepared substances can cause biological effects and are distinct from ‘pure water’, as some sceptics have suggested. sagt: Homeopathy is commonly described as a system of medicine but this is misleading. More accurately, it can be described as a collection of scientifically unsupported and unconnected beliefs that date from a pre-science era and yet which homeopaths believe serve as the underlying principles of a safe and effective healthcare treatment.

Ramen, lasset mich auch mal was lustiges schreiben! Ich hab bis jetzt nur seriöses Wissen über die esoterische Geheimlehre der Allheilung mittels geschütteltem Wasser und/oder Zuckerkügelchen verbreitet. Aber nun muss ich mich mal, auf Kosten gewisser Homöopathen, lustig machen. sagt: There is quite a bit of debate on the issue of reusing bottles that have previously contained homeopathic remedies and whether reuse of these bottles constitutes good practice.  How could you ever guarantee that you have removed all traces of the previous remedy?

Hahnemann apparently recommended the use of hot coals for the process.

Today, the practice is to wash the bottles, and ensuring they have been rinsed very well, then placing them in an oven at 180c for 20 minutes. Then allowing the bottles to cool down, and repeating this process [hervorhebungen von MIR].

Naturally, you would not expect the caps to survive this process and hence they would have to be replaced.

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Anmerkung: FSMoPathische Heilmittel werden üblicherweise in einem Plastik- oder Glasgebinde aufbewahrt, welches durch ein Informationssiegel abgedichtet ist. Nachdem das letzte Heilige Globuli aufgebraucht ist, ist das Gebinde sofort wieder dafür bereit, neue, auch andersartig besprochene FSMoPathische Globuli aufzunehmen. Lediglich das Informationssiegel ist durch ein neues Siegel zu ersetzen. Es sind keine weiteren Reinigungsrituale durchzuführen. Ramen.

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