Dear Dr. Nancy Malik, I have some Questions to you!

UPDATE: Dear „Dr“ Nancy M, thx 4 blocking:)

Ramen, World-wide Followers, Pirates!

When one starts to use Twitter, a discussion can be spanned over the whole globe and beyond. Therefore, I have decided to preach in English from time to time. Let me preach today to a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery from ‘Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital’, Chandigarh directly! Ramen.

Dear Dr. Nancy Malik!

Thank you very much for our discussions in microblog-format. However, a microblog is not suitable for a deep discussion. We have started to paste links and we have assumed that the other one is reading their content lateron.

I have been going through all your tweets and tried to analyze your claims on homeopathy. I will state some concise questions, which arise from your claims and I hope that you will find the time to answer them for us, the rest of the human beings, in a concise scientific manner. Please read all questions first, before you start to answer! I ask you not to answer each question by only putting a link, I ask you to write some 3-5 sentences of text, which of course can be supported by links!

OK? Let us start!

1) What is Science? How would you define Science?

2) What is Evidence? How would you define Evidence?

3) How would you define Esotericism?

4) How would you define Believe?

5) How would you define Healing?

6) How would you define the Placebo-Effect?

7) How would you define a Placebo-Treatment?

8) Can you attest the Presence of any „Particles“ or „Structures“ in a Homeopathic Remedy Sulphur C30 Globules in a scientific way?

9) Can you differentiate between Arnica Montana C30 and Sulphur C30 in a scientific way?

Dear Nancy, I hope to get your answers! Of course it can happen that I turn into a homeopath after I have understood all of them!

Hail Eris und Ramen,

Mr_MIR @

Ein Kommentar zu “Dear Dr. Nancy Malik, I have some Questions to you!

  1. These are not new questions. Already answered on my blogs. Can’t keep answering them again and again for every skeptic. Here is the direct link to the answers
    1. Answer to Q1 is at
    2. Answer to Q2 and Q6 is at
    3. Q3 has nothing to do with medicine
    4. Answer to Q5 and Q7 is at
    5. Answer to Q 8 is at
    6. Answer to Q9 is at

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