Experts: Homeopathy Can Tackle Swine Flu (Indien)


Indien, mein spirituelles Heimatland, hat ja viele Probleme. Jetzt machen sie sich noch mehr:

Experts: Homeopathy Can Tackle Swine Flu sagt: The outbreak of swine flu in neighbouring districts of Vijayawada has induced fear among the public in the city. They are busy finding numerous ways to combat the H1N1 virus which may prove fatal if it is not diagnosed in the early stages or proper treatment is not administered.

Swine flu cases have been reported in West Godavari, Guntur and Visakhapatnam districts. One person has died so far in Prakasam district after contracting the deadly virus. A majority of people are opting for Homeopathy medicines to Allopathy drugs as they are of the view that the first two systems of medicines are more effective in combating swine flu. sagt: Recently, department of AAYUSH, Rajasthan had released an advertisement highlighting remedies to deal with swine flu through alternative medicines along with the contact details of control rooms that have triggered sentiments of alternative medicine practitioners in Madhya Pradesh. sagt: With the swine flu threat looming large, people form the city making a beeline for alternative medicine such as homeopathy and ayurveda.

As more people are being tested positive with each passing day in the State and medical practitioners admit that the commonly-available allopathic drug may not be effective for all forms of flu, the citizens are seen approaching homeopathy and ayurveda clinics in Tirupati, seeking preventive medication.

The AYUSH clinic near the city railway station is witnessing a steady flow of out-patients with symptoms of cough and cold. Similar is the scene at the Clinical Research Unit (Homeopathy) located on the Old Maternity Hospital campus, which distributes the drug ‘Arsenic Album 30’ to the visitors.

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