Rebates for Homeopathic Health Care under grave threat (Urgent)

Ramen, SäkularistInnen!

Nicht nur in Münster wird/wurde traditionellerweise Stadtgeld in die Kirche gesteckt, auch in Australien wird Versicherungsgeld in die traditionelle Homöopathie gesteckt! Aber dem soll jetzt auch ein Riegel vorgeschoben werden.

Ich vermute, dass da ganz klar ein gezielter Doppelangriff der Illuminaten dahinter steckt. Zu erst stellt man eine offizielle Metastudie her, die aussagt, dass Homöopathie auch in Down Under ein Placebo ist, dann werden sogleich Lügenpolitiker und Lügenpresse hinterhergetriggert, um die Finanzen noch mehr in Richtung Pharmamafia zu fokussieren.

Deswegen haben findige Placebokapitalisten eine Petition an Prime Minister Tony Abbott und Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley gerichtet:

Retain private health insurance rebates for homeopathy

[…] If you care about homeopathy and want to protect your entitlement to claim rebates through private health insurance there is one thing you should do right now:

Here is why:

In 2014, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) completed a review of the evidence for 17 natural therapies currently covered under private health insurance. Homeopathy was included in the scope of that review.

Friends of Homeopathy, along with research and professional industry organisations assert amongst other things, that this review of homeopathy blatantly ignored the solid evidence base provided to them in support of the effectiveness of homeopathy, a field of medicine that the World Health Organisation estimates to be the second most accessed and the fastest growing form of health care in the world.

We assert that this review

  1. was conducted in an environment that was not objective,
  2. was subject to undue influence from external third parties,
  3. ignored other key objectives, such as safety and cost effectiveness.

As a result we believe that any findings from this review are flawed and therefore cannot be said to be in the public interest.

You can read about our concerns and requests for information in our Letter to the Health Dept here. We are still to receive a reply on this matter.

We are concerned that Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley will act soon on this flawed NHMRC advice to remove private health insurance rebates for homeopathy and we want you to urge her not to do so by signing this petition.

Friends of Homoeopathy Australia calls on The Prime Minister, Federal Health Minister and Department of Health to reject the NHMRC findings and retain the private health insurance rebate for homeopathy. 

We also call on Minister Ley to investigate and respond to the serious concerns raised in our letter. 

Research undertaken around the world show consistently that the inclusion of complimentary medicine as part of the public health landscape

  1. adds greatly to overall measurable positive health outcomes,
  2. reduces the cost to the taxpayer by reducing the need for more expensive fully public funded front line services.

The research on cost benefit is in, and if our Federal Government is serious about providing quality health outcomes for Australian people, and saving money, they would do well to listen to the advice of the World Health Organisation and our international partners like Switzerland rather than a flawed review by the NHMRC.

Friends of Homoeopathy Australia further petitions the Federal Government to fund much-needed research into the efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of a range of conditions, as a safe and cost effective health strategy.

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