Scientifically seen, the most bullshitty Religions (almost all about Abrahamites)

Ramen, Climate and/or Evolution deniers!

The National Center for Science Education ( an US non-profit organization for promoting the teaching of evolution and climate change (yes, that is necessary in some parts of the world!!), has analyzed religions on a two-dimensional Bullshit-scale: Factor 1: Support for evolution versus factor 2: Support for environmental regulations.

Amongst the most bullshitty Bullshitters are the MORmONS and the Adventists. Secularists as well as Hinduists, Buddhists are there, where the Pirates might also be, in the upper-right corner. Please note that esoteric bullshitters also are at the top-right, thus, their bullshit cannot be measured on this low-dimensional bullshit chart.

Anyway, I would like to see a chart like this, where the abscissa denotes „Support for the fact that homeopathy is more than a placebo“ and the ordinate shows „Support for the existence of chemtrails.“

Hail Eris & Ramen,


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