Joette C.: Why you need an alternative health plan.

Hi Mr. MIR

Today I want to provide another reason to think alternative in your health strategy.

There is a conflict of interest in the healthcare system, and it is not what you might think.

The biggest conflict of interest of all does not involve doctors or Big Pharma.

It involves the Central Authority in the US that is The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care).

This Central Authority has become the final arbiter of who receives medical treatment, while at the same time being tasked with cutting costs and services whenever possible.

If you are a senior citizen, or as my kids remind me, soon to be an “elderly person”, think about this:

What does the Central Authority really see when it encounters an elderly person?  Here are 2 views for you to ponder:

1) It sees a person whose intrinsic value to the collective is astonishingly small, as documented in Dr. Emanuel’s 2009 Lancet publication.  Dr. Emanuel has been credited as the author of Obama Care.
2) It sees a person who, by virtue of age, is either consuming a tremendous amount of healthcare resources, or soon will be.

Young folks: laugh if you will. Soon enough, this could be your problem.  I urge you to watch this short, informative video and decide for yourself while time is still on your side.


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Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH, RSHom (NA)
Educator, Lecturer, Consultant

P.S.There is a link on the video page to download a FREE gift.  Take advantage of 23 first-aid remedies you’ll want to have in your own bug-out bag!

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