Auch Charles Darwin (Patron Saint of Skeptics) ist Placebo-anfällig

The Surprising Story of Charles Darwin and His Homeopathic Doctor

By Dana Ullman, MPH

Dana Ullman protzt: My new book, The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy (North Atlantic Books, 2007) includes many amazing stories about the use of and/or advocacy for homeopathic medicine from many of the most respected cultural heroes of the past 200 years. […]

One of the most amazing stories came from the life of Charles Darwin. Because so many of Darwin’s personal letters have been maintained and are now available online, there is a veritable treasure-trove of information about his life, illnesses, and his medical treatment. What will be described here is a part of his story, with much greater detail provided in The Homeopathic Revolution.

Anekdotenwissenschaft 🙂

Darwin’s Plant Experiments with Homeopathic Doses

Charles Darwin, Patron Saint of the Skeptics, said: The 1/20,000,000th of a grain of the crystallised salt does the same. Now, I am quite unhappy at the thought of having to publish such a statement.

Ramen, I wonder whether Holy Charles did perform the proper potentiation procedure (vigorous shaking) as well. Otherwise, it would not at all be a homeopathic effect!

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