Homeopathy Plus! Final Reminder: Fracture Complex and Homeopathic X-ray Combo



Final Reminder: Fracture Complex and Homeopathic X-ray Combo
Life is full of surprises – and some of them aren’t very pleasant. We can break bones wh

Homeopathy Plus
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Final Reminder: Fracture Complex and Homeopathic X-ray Combo

Life is full of surprises – and some of them aren’t very pleasant. We can break bones when least expected and frequently require x-rays and other radiological investigations at short notice.

In these instances it pays to be prepared, and two of our most popular remedies, X-ray Gard and Fracture Complex, help you do just that … plus they’re on special until midnight tomorrow, Monday the 19th!


About the Fracture and X-ray Combo

Research suggests that the Homeopathic X-ray Remedy provides chromosomal protection during an x-ray or CT scan. Our Fracture Complex contains a mix of remedies traditionally used to relieve the pain of a broken bone before and after plastering, while also stimulating its healing and correct alignment (scroll to the bottom of this email for more information and research about these remedies).

Until midnight on Monday the 19th, both of these remedies are discounted, and can even be bought together as an extra-special combo offer.

1. Homeopathic X-Ray Gard: Normally $24.95, but until midnight on Monday the 19th, it’s available for $19.95 (save $5.00).

2. Fracture Complex: Priced at $24.95 a bottle, but until midnight on Monday the 19th, you can purchase it for just $19.95 (save $5.00).

3. Combo Special: Save even more when these remedies are purchased as a combo. Together they cost just $34.95, a total saving of $14.95.

Both remedies come in compact 20ml bottles, contain 120 doses, taste pleasant and have a 2025 expiry.


Three ways to order:

1. Place your order online. Standard shipping is just $8.50 to anywhere in the world, and shipping is free for orders over $85.00!

2. Order over the phone by calling us on (02) 4304 0822 – we’d love to help you.

3. Purchase directly from our clinic and office at 7b / 1 Pioneer Avenue, Tuggerah NSW 2259.

Drop on grass

Homeopathy for Broken Bones and Radiation Exposure

It is said that, on average, a person will fracture a bone twice in their lifetime. Radiological examination, usually in the form of an x-ray, is used to guide to treatment – whether it is by a simple sling, plaster or surgery.

The problem with any form of radiation, necessary as it may be, is that it damages our chromosomes, leading to an increased risk of cancer later in life (this is why attendants during a radiological procedure avoid exposure by moving behind a protective barrier).

Exposure to radiation during investigative procedures not only happens with a broken bone – it can also happen unexpectedly with preparation for a hospital admission, during dental work or surgery, or as part an exploratory CT scan.

In all the above instances, homeopathy may be able to help with fracture healing or reducing the risk of chromosomal damage from radiation exposure. Studies and use in human subjects have shown that homeopathy relieves the pain of a fracture, stimulates bone growth and leads to better alignment. In animal models it has also provided a protective effect during exposure to radiation.

If you would like to read more of these instances and the related information, the following links provide introductory information:

Fractures Heal Faster and with Better Alignment with Homeopathy

Preparing for Radiation

Arnica Shown to Repair Ultra-Violet Radiation Damage in DNA

Homeopathy for Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Side-Effects

Radiation Sickness and Poisoning: Guidelines for Homeopathic Prevention and Treatment

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