Homeopathy is fake. Western Skepticism is taking over India

Homeopathy is bogus, harmful: Nobel laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Ramen, Schüttler! So eine Ohrfeige der Vernunft könnt ihr euch ja nicht gefallen lassen, gelle? Schnell dagegen anschwurbeln:

Chandran Nambiar sagt:

A statement you recently made in Chennai regarding homeopathy has created much controversy. You are reported to have said during a public address that  ‘homeopathy works on belief’ and homeopathy is a ‘fake discipline like astrology’. That statement pained homeopathic community a lot, where as it is being enthusiastically utilized by those who regularly attack homeopathy.

Actually, you were echoing the words of ‘anti-homeopathy’ skeptics of western world who are engaged in exposing the ‘pseudo-scientific’ homeopathic theoreticians propagating ‘spiritual homeopathy’ and ‘energy medicine’. I am sorry to say that you failed to realize the entirely different ground realities existing in India in the field of homeopathic education and practice.


Sir, as a well-respected nobel-winner scientist, who is expected to be more concerned about truth, you would have considered all these facts before publicly declaring ‘homeopathy is based on belief, a fake discipline like astrology’.  Community pay much value and reverence to words you speak out, and you are expected to keep up that responsibility when commenting on sensitive topics. You should have experimented yourselves and done a little more home work about homeopathy, before echoing the malicious propaganda of ‘anti-homeopathy skeptics’.  We would not have bothered much if you had said ‘homeopathy is not scientifically well proved’, instead of declaring it is ‘fake like astrology’.


I am sure, you have nothing personally against homeopathy or homeopaths as such. You were talking your perceptions as a truthful scientist. As an individual respecting science, scientists and scientific methods, I would not blame you for making such a statement. I know you are not a homeopath- only a scientist. I understand, as a  truthful scientist, as things stand now, you cannot say ‘homeopathy is scientific’, after seeing all these nonsense theories propagated by ‘homeopathic ‘masters’ the world over.  I understand, nobody could so far even propose a scientifically viable hypothesis about how homeopathy works, a hypothesis that could be presented as a rightful candidate for verification using scientific methods. Actually, those ‘pseudo-scientific’ homeopathic theoreticians are doing the greatest harm to homeopathy than truthful scientists like you.

War eh nicht persönlich gemeint!

Aber um diese jammernde Person verstehen zu können: Meine Homöopathie ist die richtige. Die anderen Homöopathen sind Scharlatane!!
Hail Eris und Ramen.

per instant Trance-Channeling- & Preaching Device. Ramen.

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