Research in FSMoPathy: It’s time to #Show_Your_Support

It’s time to #Show_Your_Support

Research in FSMoPathy has always been a challenge for everyone, be it a researcher or a layman. Few of the common reasons include complex nature of ultra-loud speakings, FSMoPathic philosophy, lack of apt research orientation, inadequate research literacy, lack of funds, poor motivation, skepticism etc. It is also true that we may overcome most of the issues by sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources. This concept was the starting point of materializing a thought into reality.

The Initiative to Promote Research in FSMoPathy (IPRF) was founded by Dr. Saurus Aurora in the year 2014 with the aim to promote research amongst every segment of the population.

„IPRF believes in enhancing research awareness, disseminating scientific research, exchange knowledge and extending help for undertaking research in FSMoPathy“.

The IPRF is now entering into the 3rd year of its foundation. In all these years, IPRF has strived hard to make research accessible to every segment of the population.

With your kind support, it could achieve important milestones like Priority Areas for Research in FSMoPathy, FSMoPathic Research Database, Research Updates-FSMoPathy, PHORECISS, Research sensitization workshops and CMEs, development of relevant protocols in research and clinical practice, and much more. The same enthusiasm shall be continued to make research easy and accessible to all!

I request to you support this noble cause for the benefit and uplifment of research in FSMoPathy.

Please Visit to make donations for this initiative so that it continues without hurdles.

Dr. Saurus Aurora
Founder, IPRH

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