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Number Observed: (Check all that apply) required None    1    2    3    4-5    6-10    Over 10    Unknown
Did the Object(s) or Light(s) do any of the following? (Check all that apply) required
Changed Direction Hovered Affected Radio/TV Fluttered
Turned Abruptly Descended Affect Electricity Spun
Fell Like a Leaf Ascended Affected Magnetism Blinked
Absorbed Object(s) Over Powerlines Affected Timepiece Pulsated
Ejected Object(s) Over a Building Affected Engine Appeared Solid
Changed Shape Landed on Ground Affected Vehicle Had Fuzzy Edges
Cast Shadow Landed in Water Affected Animal Had Outline
Cast Light Carried Occupants Affected Human Wobbled
Reflected Light Communicated Affected Water Vibrated
Left a Trail Gave off Heat Affected Ground Glowed
Disintegrated Left Residue Affected Vegetation Appeared Transparent
Projected a Beam Removed Anything Affected Cell Phone Transformed Reality
Made a Noise Left Landing Traces Affected You Physically Affected You Psychologically
Caused Injury/Death Unknown N/A
Shape of Object(s): (Select shape closest to the object observed) required
Blimp Boomerang Bullet/Missile Cigar
Cone Chevron Circle Cross
Cylinder Diamond Disc Egg
Fireball Flash Oval Saturn-like
Sphere Square/Rectangular Star-like Teardrop
Triangle Other Unknown N/A
Surface of Object(s): (Check all that apply) required
Dark Dull Reflective Glowing Mist/Shroud Varied Unknown
Structural Features of Object(s): (Check all that apply) required
None Dome Window(s) Patterned Surface Insignia Appendage(s) Louvres Wings Other Unknown
Apparent Size: (Check all that apply)
Starlike Aspirin Penny Golfball Basketball Larger Unknown
Actual Size: (Check all that apply) required
Under 1 ft 1-3 ft 4-10 ft 11-30 ft 31-100 ft 101-300 ft Over 300 ft Unknown
Prominent Colors: (Check all that apply) required White:

Grey/Lead:    Black:    Gold/Copper:    Silver/Chrome:    Pink/Rose:    Red:    Red-Orange:    Yellow-Orange:    Yellow:    Green:    Green-White:    Blue-Green:    Blue:    Blue-White:    Violet:    Unknown:

Exterior Light Characteristics: (Check all that apply) required
None Unwavering Brightened Pulsated Flashed Sequentially Flashed Randomly Other Unknown
Emission: (Check all that apply) required
None Beam Flame Aura Cloud Trail Object Other Unknown
Sound: (Check all that apply) required
None Hum Buzz Jetlike Swish Whir Object Static Pulsating Beeping Rumble Roar Other Unknown
Also in Area: (Check all that apply)
Airplane Helicopter Black Helicopter Balloon Searchlight Other
Before Witness Sighted UFO During UFO Sighting After UFO Sighting
Elevation: (if multiple sources or factors, check all that apply) required Degrees above horizon when nearest to witness: 69
Various    Other    Unknown
Lowest Altitude: (if multiple sources or factors, check all that apply) required Landed    Treetop    500 ft or less    Over 500 ft (under cloudcover)    Over 500 ft (no cloudcover)    Unknown
Distance From Witness: (Check all that apply) required 20 ft or less    21-100 ft    101-500 ft    501 ft – 1 Mile    Over 1 Mile    Unknown    N/A
Direction First Observed: (Please check only one) required N    NE    E    SE    S    SW    W    NW    Unknown
Direction Last Observed: (Please check only one) required N    NE    E    SE    S    SW    W    NW    Unknown
Flight Path: (Check all that apply) required Stationary    Hovering then path    Straight-line path    Path with directional change    Path then hovering    Other    Unknown    N/A
Landing – Observation: (Check all that apply) required No Landing Observed    Aerial Path    Hovering    Descent    Landing    Take Off    Ascent    Unknown
Landing – Site / Material: (Check all that apply) required None Found    Unaffected    Swirled    Depressed    Uprooted    Discolored    Baked    Burned    Scarred    Broken    Crushed    Footprint(s)    Imprint(s)    Crater    Radiation    Artifact    Other    Unknown
Landing – Soil/Vegetation Samples: (Check all that apply) required None Found    Exist    Obtained    Tested    Submitted    Unknown
Entity – Type: (Check all that apply) required
Human Like Ape Like Reptile Like Insect Like Robotic Apparition Unknown N/A Other
Short Description of UFO Event (25 words or less): required
Detailed Description of the UFO Event: requiredTell us your story, from the beginning describing everything as it happened. Be as detailed as possible.

Once you have finished writing your narrative please go back, read it, and make sure it includes the following points:

1. Where were you and what were you doing at the time?
2. What made you first notice the object?
3. What did you think the object was when you first noticed it?
4. Describe the object and its actions and motions in detail.
5. Describe your feelings, reactions and actions, during and after sighting the object.
6. How did you lose sight of the object?


    DO NOT put personal information below.

I was hiking the lands, I have seen an UFO next to the
electrosmog-tower, which is there to activete chemtrails. I see UFOs
there, sometimes! Please help me!

Total Number of Witnesses including yourself: required
Do you have additional evidence you would like to submit? If so, does it include any of the following:
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Film Photo Digital Photo Analog Video Digital Video Audio Recording
Sketch or Drawing Map Other
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