First airport built in Iraq 5,000 years ago, for aliens: minister

Brights - Die Natur des Zweifels

The Iraqi transport minister has harnessed the works of a Jewish author of books about ancient astronauts to strengthen his claim that the first airport was built 5,000 years ago in the southern Iraqi region of Dhi Qar, and that it was from there that ancient Sumerian spaceships set off to explore other planets.

By Sue Surkes | The Times of Israel

“If you do not believe me, read the book of the great historian Zecharia Sitchin, who was an expert in Sumerian studies,” Kazem Finjan told various Iraqi TV channels last week, in reference to the Russian-born American who was raised in mandatory Palestine and who moved to New York in 1952 after working as an editor and journalist in Israel.

In his 1976 book “The 12th Planet” and its sequels, Sitchin, a self-taught Sumerian expert, described a planet called Nibiru that was home to extra-terrestrial beings, who came…

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