Chopra invited to give keynote speech at an autism conference

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Yes, I know that Deepakity is a genuine card-carrying M.D who studied internal medicine and endocrinology, but to invite him to give the keynote speech at a conference on autism? Not only is that not his speciality (well, I can let that slide), but he’s also the world’s premier woomeister. And yes, clearly his prescriptions for good diet, exercise, and sleep are useful, but of course that’s not new, and prescribing such stuff is hardly all he does, and has nothing to do with what makes him a celebrity.

What bothers me is that I don’t believe he has anything useful to say about autism, a condition whose causes and treatment are obscure at best. And yet, according to the CBC, he’s a keynote speaker (undoubtedly getting a big honorarium) at an autism conference in Canada:

Chopra, an author and prominent member of the New Age movement, will be appearing as…

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