Personalisierte Chemtrails | Personalized Chemtrails


MIR FSMoSophic Services is a new provider for #chemtrails. To be more precise, WE offer #PersonalizedChemtrails!

Are you in the need to convince someone?

Are you in the need to silence someone?

Are you in the need to numb someone?

Is your old #chemtrails-provider still using jumbo-spraying techniques? Oldfashioned & expensive & wasteful!

WE have the solution: #PersonalizedChemtrails

  • Micro- and Nano- Area Spraying Techniques including the MINIHAARP-ACTIVATOR© Technology. Patent Pending.
  • Saves lots of chemicals, barium, aluminum, etc!
  • Cheaper by a factor of thousands to millions!
  • The key of your success: WE only need to know the mobile phone number of the target and the MINIHAARP-ACTIVATOR© will do the rest by sending a single text message to the target’s mobile phone.
  • Mobile Radio Positioning Facilities and Charter Plane Management will be provided by MIR!
  • WE are ready to spray&activate in less than 60 minutes after receiving your order! (valid for Europe, USA, parts of China & Russia; up to 120 minutes in other parts of the world)
  • Chemtrails by MIR are resistant against „Akasha Säule® – Chembuster verbunden mit dem Äther

#PersonalizedChemtrails with MINIHAARP-ACTIVATOR© – Technology.
When the Target Cellphone rings,
the Personalized Chemtrail activates!
95 % Agnihotra – Resistant

Do not cause Earthquakes
100 % Organic and Biodegradable

Ramen, jetzt auch unsichtbar, dank neu zugekaufter Chemtrail-Patenten!

Weather manipulation, Geoengineering and Earthquake technology: please stick with your large-scale #chemtrails provider! 

Jetzt auch mit geilem Werbesong von Geoengineered Mode
„Your Own Personal Chemtrail“

A pround member of TeamChemtrail

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