FSMoPathy on the Holy Award-Winning Quackcast

Hail Eris and Ramen!

Let me thank Dr. Mark Crislip, the illuminatic Emperor of His Multimedia Empire, the Master of the award-winning QuackCast Puscast äääh Podcast, the current president of the Society for Science-Based Medicine, for discussing the Holy Noodly alternative to an alternative Medicine, FSMoPathy (c) Mr. MIR on QuackCast episode 150: Ebols SCAMS.

It all started on a quack page on an Ebola-scam

Coherence Apps

Homeopathy remedies as audio signals.

There, a „remedy“ for Ebola based on some kind of Audio-Homeopathy-Healing was proposed:

Mr. MIR commented: This method is similar to https://FSMoSophica.org/FSMoPathy

BillGrayCohApps answers: Interesting. Depending on the homeopathic training of the one making the sound, this does fit pendulum prescribing and even radionics. Personally, I do trust signals from reputable pharmacies because their procedures are tried and true for two centuries, methodical, and not dependent on subjectivity of the one creating the frequency. Thank you for your post.

Mr. MIR answers: Ramen. And Hail Eris:)
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Ramen and Hail Eris.

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